Mount TBR – Checkpoint #3

Mount TBR 2014


September came to and end, so it’s time for another Mount TBR Reading checkpoint, the third one.


1. The last book I read in September allowed me to climb to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, which means I read 60 books I bought before 2014. This is a major win for me and I’m really happy about it. I pondered trying for the next level at 75 books, but I’m note sure I can make it so I will consider the challenge finished.


2. Challenges:

B – Pair up two of your reads using whatever connection you want to make. Written by the same author? Same genre? Same color cover? Both have a main character named Clarissa? Tell us the books and what makes them a pair.

The pair is O Mistério do Comboio Azul and Jogo Macabro, both by Agatha Christie.


D – Choose 1-4 titles from your stacks and using a word from the title, do an image search.  Post the first all-eyes-friendly picture associated with that word.

I choose Washington Square. This is a nice image from Washington:





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