Bout of Books 11 – Goals and Progress



This post contains my goals for the Bout of Books 11 and will serve to update my daily progresses.


Time Devoted to Reading

I intend to read all days of the week.


My Goals

  • Read at least 100 pages everyday (more or less 2h/day by my standards);
  • Finish 3 to 4 books.


Books to Read

  • Finish Álbum de Verão, by Emylia Hall (128 pages left);
  • Start and finish As Ligações Perigosas, by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos (298 pages);
  • Start and finish A Boneca de Kokoschka, by Afonso Cruz (240 pages);
  • Start (and maybe finish) No Mar Há Crocodilos, by Fabio Geda (177 pages).




  • Number of pages I’ve read today: 38
    • Álbum de Verão: 16
    • Holiday in Death: 22
  • Total number of pages read: 38
  • Total number of books read: 0
  • Reading: I’ve used my spare time today to do some blog work, including pending reviews that took a lot of reading time. Not the best reading day I’ve had.



  • Number of pages I’ve read today: 57
    • Álbum de Verão: 4
    • Holiday in Death: 53
  • Total number of pages read: 95
  • Total number of books read: 0
  • Reading: Today was a bit better in terms of pages read, but still it was worse that what I was hoping. Álbum de Verão is not interesting me enough (I’ve been reading it for almost two weeks!).



  • Number of pages I’ve read today: 237
    • Álbum de Verão: 108 (finished)
    • Holiday in Death: 114
    • As Ligações Perigosas: 15
  • Total number of pages read: 332
  • Total number of books read: 1
  • Reading: Today, I finally finished Álbum de Verão. After dragging the reading for almost two weeks, I decided that I had to end it today and made an effort. It ended up not living to my expectations. I also made a good advance in Holiday in Death, since I had a lot of time to listen to audiobooks. All in all, an excellent reading day.



  • Number of pages I’ve read today: 148
    • Holiday in Death: 83
    • As Ligações Perigosas: 65
  • Total number of pages read: 480
  • Total number of books read: 1
  • Reading: Not so good as yesterday, but still I got to read a good amount of time. I’m not sure about As Ligações Perigosas, and certainly it will take me more time to read that I was intending initially.



  • Number of pages I’ve read today: 308
    • Holiday in Death: 14 (finished)
    • As Ligações Perigosas: 218 (finished)
    • Midnight in Death: 76
  • Total number of pages read: 788
  • Total number of books read: 3
  • Reading: My best day so far. I managed to end As Ligações Perigosas, although yesterday I thought it would take me longer. I also finished Holiday in Death, and I’m still addicted to the In Death series.



  • Number of pages I’ve read today: 294
    • Midnight in Death: 20 (finished)
    • Conspiracy in Death: 105
    • A Boneca de Kokoschka: 140
    • No Mar Há Crocodilos: 29
  • Total number of pages read: 1.082
  • Total number of books read: 3 (I’m not counting Midnight in Death, because it’s a novella)
  • Reading: Another great day. Started 3 (!) books today, and I’m counting in finishing 1 or 2 more until the end of this Bout of Books.



  • Number of pages I’ve read today: 143
    • Conspiracy in Death: 98
    • A Boneca de Kokoschka: 45
  • Total number of pages read: 1.225
  • Total number of books read: 3 plus a novella
  • Reading: Today I didn’t read as much as I would like and ended up not finishing another book, but still I’m really happy with how it went.



My best Bout of Books until today! I managed to read 1.225 pages, which amounts to an average of 175 pages a day, which is awesome. I really am motivated to read more because of this challenge, so it was definitely worth it.


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